Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dave Graham is Back...

It never ceases to amaze me at the talent and the caliber of veteran climbers.. Dave Graham is back, and thinks he's not in shape..? He has been dispensing with V12 boulder problems in almost every session. He did Mental Masturbation, V12 at Mt. Evans his first day, Secret Splendour, V12 in the park, as well as Wild Cat, V12. And in a late day nabbed the 3rd ascent of Harrys new one at Moraine Park, Both Sides of the Spectrum, V12 classic... Ty Landman has not let up after doing Jade, he battled and won against Aslan, V14, for the 3rd ascent, and did Both sides of the Spectrum right before Tony Lamiche, for the 4th and 5th ascents... I cant wait to see what will happen next as the season ends and the temps get good? please enjoy the footage and stay tuned for more to come..

note, Tony Lamiche also made the 5th ascent of Ode to the Modern Man, V14 the other day.. quick..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is a take over...?

Everything is going well, the fall is in the air and the temps are getting good... We have always talked about international people comming to the park or Evans to prove them selves on our own test pieces.. well non other than Tony Lamiche showed up the other day and quickly put down two v12s in a day, (a real day)... I think he looks fit and will have a great time here in the states maybe we have a few block that will take him longer to do, maybe not? we'll see... good job Tony...