Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the /// G A M E /// Second Ascent !!!

Well i was up in the canyon the other day & after letting us all down in the comp Daniel Woods shows up. He explained to me that he felt sorry for everyone out there in compland & that he threw the comp to make money,,, by betting against himself ... he went on to say that he was in fact the true winner , in his own heart ! He said he was from Longmont & if any mo fucka out there wanted to get stuck , then come up !!! of course I said YEAH RIGHT !!! & then in fact he started shit with me & Dave Graham i think he hit Dave Graham in the face with his crash pad & then Big Bad Jimmy Webb crept up from the shadows & tried to pull some moves & shit ... I chilled everyone out & we all had a heart to heart with each other , Jimmy then told me that Daniel freaked out & did Midnight Express again ... what a beast I thought & then & then he was looking at the GAME ... kinda foaming at the mouth & shit ... well I whipped out my new 8 milli & shot that fool down ... brat brat
well I think Daniel put things into perspective a lil bit , & if you worship the //// H A W K //// things can be good for you ! watch this amazing web site for Jimmy Webb sending Fantasia , next, second ascents all day everyday !!!