Thursday, July 17, 2008

End of an era...

Here is a short video of my friend Jon #1 'Carddeck' Cardwell... He's hookin up good 'ol' Prime Time to Shine, the 5.14b link up of prime evil and shine.. check out his skills gettin over the river... enjoi

I have not updated in a while.., but since back from Europe it seems as if my world in Boulder Colorado has fallen apart and a forced move is in order... I have lived in this lil town for over a decade.. I have had many friends and good times.. the best in my life.. I have made a life around a few people but mostly my home.. 902 Marine, a house on a street, in my hood and mostly a gathering place for many climbers and like minded individuals... The house has been sold, and kicked out we are.. off to other places we go... In some ways I feel that this place has been home to many besides the ones who pay rent, its been the glue that holds many of the climbers in this community together.... Its been an office, a bunk house, the party shack, the speak easy, a training facility, a spiritual vortex, and basically a place to go... thats close to the pub.. I would like to say thank you to all the friends who made this place what it is... and also, I fuckin miss you BIG PAW!!!! (my cat that was slain by a car less than a week ago)
these are some photos that I would like to share with the group... enjoi..

Dave Graham in Switzerland

Me in my room @ 902 Marine

902 and Mark, my brother

Hardclimbs will be moving offices to a couch near you.. then headed back to Europe to capture the best that climbing has to offer.. I have just finished my first full length climbing film, entitled Fontastic, A renaissance of Bleau... Its the hardest climbs of Fountainebleau, including the Island, V15, Kheopes assis, V15, the Gecko assis, V14 and much more... look for it soon.. over and out for now, strength and honor!!!