Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Well this is a short video depicting some of my resent travels.... I started out flying to London, to meet Ty Landamn... We fell on some good luck and met the owner of the Chelsea football team who let us play with his cars for a few days and make some footage... We then drove to france to hang out in Paris for a few days, then finally!!!, met up with some of our friends in Font... We met Antione Vandeputte after work one day. He borrowed some shoes, then disposed of some classics in the still hot summer temps.... I wanted to stay... I love Font... but I knew it was too hot and we must go... so we packed it up at the end of a climbing day and just drove... We drove over to Magic Wood... We met some more friends in a nice lil spot right next to the spa in town..
It was none other than Chris Doyle, and his friend Matt... we climbed for the next few days but it was still a lil hot, and wet ... but the climbing was rery good and we all were syked.....Ty set his focus on, Practice of the Wild, mine was on the Riverbed!!! Some how I pulled it out and did it!!!! I was very satisfied, I walked up the hill and a friend of mine had just done Deep Throat as well as High Spirit... my glory was diluted... and then Ty, like that did Practice of the Wild and my employee of the day statues was destroyed... well I never seem to get there any how,, at least I can capture it all with my lil video camera.... Well It got a lil warm, we took off to Milan for Ty's birthday and came back new but haggard men.... to much of a story and can't tell it here for legal reprimand would follow... It then snowed on us so we moved down canyon to Ticino, and found a nice lil place on a ranch across the street from Cresciano... now we're here and watch out Halloween is coming and so is our party!!!!! So come one come all and lets celebrate the Pagan way together!!!!!!

P.S. Chris Doyle will return for his business, and as always check out for up to the split second sending....