Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the /// G A M E /// Second Ascent !!!

Well i was up in the canyon the other day & after letting us all down in the comp Daniel Woods shows up. He explained to me that he felt sorry for everyone out there in compland & that he threw the comp to make money,,, by betting against himself ... he went on to say that he was in fact the true winner , in his own heart ! He said he was from Longmont & if any mo fucka out there wanted to get stuck , then come up !!! of course I said YEAH RIGHT !!! & then in fact he started shit with me & Dave Graham i think he hit Dave Graham in the face with his crash pad & then Big Bad Jimmy Webb crept up from the shadows & tried to pull some moves & shit ... I chilled everyone out & we all had a heart to heart with each other , Jimmy then told me that Daniel freaked out & did Midnight Express again ... what a beast I thought & then & then he was looking at the GAME ... kinda foaming at the mouth & shit ... well I whipped out my new 8 milli & shot that fool down ... brat brat
well I think Daniel put things into perspective a lil bit , & if you worship the //// H A W K //// things can be good for you ! watch this amazing web site for Jimmy Webb sending Fantasia , next, second ascents all day everyday !!!


Alton G. Richardson said...

Why is the video on private now?

Anonymous said...

What's the password, Chad?

Contention with Coffee and Cigarettes said...


Anonymous said...

mom enters my room

-What is this?

-Oh...It's porn.

-Phew, ok, y thought it's dubstep.

a joke=a password

thanks chad.

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

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