Monday, May 28, 2007

chaos canyon

today some friends and i went up to the rocky mt. park, and it was good.. nice first day of the season for me, the sky scraper, vacation land, tommys arete, all were great to warm up on.. nice landings and good times for all... Ty landman walked away with the employee of the day award with a 10minute ascent of the centaur... nice one.. the gobot is primed and ready for action but the rest of the joint is still burried.. the trail going up is still snowy but does not require snow shoes, anyway the park is thawing out.. and i think a great problem to do in the mean time is veritas and or the stink bug, look for footage of our own harry robertson on veritas assis comming soon... but now how bout a good friend ripping it in font with fata morgana assis 8b, johnny G... last day of his trip to france....

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