Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cage Free, V11.... And Boulder Canyon

boulder canyon can be a good bouldering spot, there is a circut so to say... you can start on the top of the canyon (castle rock, hard boiled) or on the bottem, and just work your way up or down.. All the Harder problems: Graham aretes, v11, v9, cage free, v11, and hard boiled, v11, done in a day is a great effort. I guess throw in the barrio travers, 5.13, and freak brothers, v11 and you'll be the king of the canyon? One day Dave Graham did the Graham aretes, and soloed the start of Mr. Stiffy 8b, into gyro captain which = v9 high ball? onsight too.. The Landman boys have cage free on lock down and did that and freak brothers in a day. Ty did the F.A. of freak brothers via flash.. All that and one of the most amazing projects on the planet, the 'visor' at cob rock.. oh oh the other project at castle rock in the woods... sick?
enjoi the footage of cage free one of the classic problems in boulder canyon....

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