Wednesday, March 5, 2008

on the road

I have been cruzing around Arkansas with some friends for some time now... no phones, no internet, just climbing.. and filming.. not much for me, but Big-up... and Dosage 5... Dave Graham has been on fire putting up hard climbs everywhere... It has been very motivating to be a part of.... this is a clip of Dave on the brutal ascent of Ty Landmans Midnight Express, V14. I know it was a war for Dave and he sealed the deal on his last day of course... shortly after this we were out... to better weather and a change of stone. All was going great I climbed another Ty Landman test piece the Anti-Hero, v13 for my hardest climb to date, very syked to say the least.. Days grew long and the weather was getting warmer, rest days were spent shooting an arsenal of guns on the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, and cruzing to wal-mart... we are now stranded here in Fayetteville, with a broken car, Cooper, Dave and myself, shacked up at Brake Stricklandmentons crib... waiting to go but we never can, i believe we are stuck in some sort of other worldly zone... some how some way we will find our way off this island or maybe we are already home living a normal live? Already.... enjoi

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