Thursday, September 4, 2008

and so it Begins...

I took the month of August for myself, to try and rock climb and get strong, as well as morn for my dead cat BIG PAW. I rarely took the camera out and felt like I was due for a change. I was also re-falling in love with the areas around me, the front range... so the clock gets set, as it always does... I made plans with Tyler Landman to travel to Switzerland and film the best bouldering video, like EVER, with some help from the locals... 'all the hardest boulder problems in all the best areas'... is our mantra, as well as 'to step it up one notch'.. but before the trip I had a lot to clean up in my own back yard.. I got by with a few things I was syked on, but nothing substantial that really satisfied me... I had a dream one night that I was doing Nuthin But Sunshine and the nipple hold was a jug and I pulled through.. I woke and was very syked and thought about this problem a lot for the next week.. The next time I was able to try the problem I did't feel very good but was able to do all the moves, which got me syked and next thing I knew I was to the last move from the start... like a punt I stepped off, but knew the problem was not far away.. I had 3 days left in boulder. I made it up to the parking lot for the next two days and was rained out. I put all my chips in for the last day and this video is what happens... I got to the same place 5 times and missed the jug every time. Herm moved the pads over and spotted me one last time before sun set and I failed again.. I walked back to the car in the dark, alone and thought to myself about all the fun times I've had here... I will be back soon enough... and nuthin but sunshine will be the new bush pilot.. laps... has changed to due to my incompetence... I am now at large in the city of London, heading to Paris and Fontainebleau on the weekend... look for more to come right here as well on

Hope everyone is enjoying a great season and getting er done!!! enjoi!!!

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