Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just Out !!!

This is some bran-NEW footage I took in Hueco ... GooD ol G-Unit and Jon Cardwell (my BEST friend) ... tearing it up ... I tried to sell this lil diddy to a number of people and it just didn't make the cut. Check it out and you decide thumbs up or thumbs down? I think the part where Jon ONE turns into the Hulk at the end is priceless my self, but who am I anyway ?

5.10 Hueco Video from chad greedy on Vimeo.

Well Im headed to the Ariel boulders of Mt Evans this weekend for some much needed rest and fun with the hounds & the boys . Needless to say the Colorado alpine season is in full bloom and I hope everyone is enjoying them selves out there... for now, enjoi this lil clip of a now blazing HOT area ... don't you just wish Hueco was in ColoRADo ... I do ..
WERD ...


Anonymous said...

love that shit, keep it comin, jon is lookin more ripped than a pair o steve austins jeans

B Hawkins said...

What up Chad?
DOPE video man... you definitely have a unique editing style. I really dig the music and the effect @ the end of Jon's send! Also, thanks again for putting me up on that session with you guys that day... really made a HUGE difference for Projekt Media. I hope all is going well for you other wise and that your Island video is jumpin off proper. Take care and keep up the great work. Peace.

-B Hawkins

Cox_Ceurvorst said...

I wanna piece... so bad! Lovely work, Chad!