Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 rap up !

this is a lil diddy of my true hommies Gomez & Carddeck doing it in ELDO ...

Well 2009 came and went ... I feel as if I had a good year but was defiantly awed by what went down around the world by my friends ... A few ascents that stick out in my mind are, well, Dave holding it down for him self , with the first ascent of BIG PAW, as well as BIG WORM all between injures and hard times and then adjusting to sport climbing again , consistency pays off even if you don't see it DAVE !!! Another ascent that was pretty pretty nice to see go down was Chris Sharmas JUMBO LOVE , I have been to the cliff and was very inspired to say the least ... Phil Schaal inspired me a ton with his ascent of JADE, as well as everything he did in the park ... " a workin class hero is sum ting to be" then we have NALLE , i was not so impressed for the simple fact that its too simple for him ... HE DID JADE IN THE RAIN !!! and it looked easy ????? mmmmm what else ??? I think lately I have been most impressed with the people closest to me that have to suffer for it here in Boulder , in the bitter cold , in the muck ? I don't even know what we're doing sometimes ... Gomez put up an Arete in Boulder Canyon in the bitterest of days... he did it three times, before he called it good (he fell off the first move, lowered and did it from there, before pulling the rope) He called it Moredread, and rated it 14a ... I was impressed ! Daniel Woods & Paul Robinson came to the shed one day and Flashed or did everything second try , projects included , everyones jaws where on the floor , it was joke! Daniel went on to climb for the next 4 days, in all the gyms in boulder doing the same , flashing everything , including the 14a in Movement ... I think the point has been made !!! & then we have ONDRA ... I guess that name is already burnt in ... a G for life , a G for life ... I watched Dave do the first ascent of CONFESSIONS and all though I can't say anything about the grade , I never thought it would be flashed !!?? ADAM ONDRA is by far the most inspiring climber to me ... well besides CARDDECK and thats to say im bias cuz he's my best friend ! I love you Jon ...

ENJOI 2010 and lets all step it up a notch !!!

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kevin Murphy said...

good to see something on this dam sight. Yo 4 reels, nice chad, good choice of music. Do more stuff.

Happy New Year, and yes we all should step it up a notch.